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Instrate Transformative Advisory

Instrate CxO Interim Services, founded by Lars Nordenlund, specializes in providing top-tier interim executive services for technology companies.


Our primary focus is guiding growth-stage companies through critical transitions of company stages or global expansion.


With expertise in strategic management, AI transformations, and global expansion, Instrate is committed to helping companies achieve transformative growth and full potential economic value.

Instrate CxO Interim Services aims to be the premier partner for tech companies seeking strategic leadership during pivotal growth moments.  Our goals are to:

Expand Reach:  Partner with more tech companies globally, especially those with an ambition to accelerate growth and expand new markets

Innovate Continuously: Stay at the forefront of technological advancements, leveraging AI and other technologies maximize value and create new market leaders .

Deliver Excellence: Focus on delivering exceptional value, ensuring every client engagement results in measurable performance improvements.

Purple Podiums

Empowering Tech Companies Through Transformational Leadership

Nordenlund CxO brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to your company. Specializing in interim management, Lars has successfully guided numerous technology companies through pivotal growth phases, achieving significant results in operational efficiencies, market reach, and shareholder value.



Founder and Principal Consultant

Lars Nordenlund is a seasoned executive with a proven track record of delivering results in challenging environments. His strategic insights and operational expertise have been instrumental in guiding numerous organizations towards sustainable growth and success.

Global top-management executive advisor and entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in AI, IoT, SaaS, cloud, video, consumer products, and media advertising. Specialized in interim executive roles, driving transformation, and value creation in the technology industry.

His extensive experience drives transformative growth and strategic success for tech companies globally.

Interim Executive Roles:

  • Successfully led close to 10 interim CxO roles and 100+ strategy consulting projects.

  • Proven track record in strategic development, global expansion, and transformation in major enterprises like Microsoft and Canon.

  • Guided companies through rapid growth phases, market expansion initiatives, and IPO preparations.


Specialized Expertise:

  • AI Transformation: Extensive experience in assessing and developing generative AI strategies, leading AI companies, and leveraging AI for data analysis and trend prediction.

  • Strategic Leadership: Strong background in managing complex projects, leading cross-functional teams, and enhancing innovation, productivity, and profitability.

  • Global Expansion: Successfully navigated international markets, optimizing market entry strategies, and scaling operations.


Consulting Experience:

  • Experience as  Head of PwC's High Tech Corporate Strategy Practice and Partner at PA Consulting in business strategy, strategic change programs, M&A integration, strategic positioning, and innovation excellence.

  • Led strategic M&A engagements, including integration and eventual sale of companies to major corporations such as Microsoft Business Solutions.

  • Conducted strategic development and market expansion projects across various industries, focusing on operational optimization and market share growth.



  • Advanced degrees in Business Administration, Technology Management, and Strategic Leadership from top-tier institutions.

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