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Transformative Success

Customer Success Cases

With over two decades of experience as an interim executive, advisor, and CEO in the technology industry, Nordenlund CxO has facilitated AI transformations, spearheaded business strategy developments, and guided startups and mid-stage enterprises through critical growth stages.

The track record of driving value creation and achieving transformative outcomes have made pivotal impact in the tech industry.

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Video Surveillance Success Case

#1 Ideation & Incubation 

Nordenlund CxO Services played a pivotal role in the ideation, launch, and incubation of a computer vision venture, backed by strategic funding.

Under Nordenlund's leadership, the company developed an intelligent computer vision IoT platform and launched a new category leader in AI-powered security solutions.

The project involved comprehensive ideation, incubation, organizational development and successfully scaling up operations. The strong strategic vision and hands-on approach drove Arcules to achieve significant market presence and technological innovation, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Transformative Growth Facilitation

#2 Scale-Up and IPO Readiness

The Instrate CxO service led a strategic change project with a global leader in Video Surveillance Management software systems focused on strategy development and organizational optimization. Architected and successfully achieved a comprehensive plan aimed at growing the business USD 200 million in revenues and successfully positioning the company on the IPO track. This involved optimizing the organizational structure to support growth and aligning strategic initiatives with the company's long-term objectives.

Video Editing Timeline

#3 Incubation and Ventures

Nordenlund led the establishment of Incubation and Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based innovation outpost dedicated to pioneering innovation expansion in video surveillance. The venture aimed to explore and develop new business opportunities outside the core operations of the parent company, a global leader in video management. The Incubation and Ventures was built from the ground up with a clear vision of fostering transformative ideas and driving innovation. Formed the founding strategy, focusing on leveraging Silicon Valley's dynamic ecosystem to push the boundaries of video surveillance technology.

The Incubation and Ventures group achieved remarkable success. The innovative projects incubated at the outpost generated more than 25% of the parent company’s revenue, showcasing the impact of the strategic vision and execution to drive nee ventures outside core business.

Microsoft Dynamics Success Case

#4 Global Enterprise Expansion

At Microsoft, Nordenlund architected and led the global Go-to-Market (GtM) strategy for the DYNAMICS business unit, securing a strong market position. Established strategic partnerships with numerous global ISV partners, driving transformative revenue growth.

The strategic project efforts included scenario envisioning, portfolio planning, and product transition mapping, ensuring robust market entry and expansion strategies generating hundreds of partnerships and transformative revenue growth.

The dedicated leadership in this initiative significantly enhanced Microsoft Dynamics' presence in global markets, demonstrating the expertise in strategic growth and market development.


#5 Strategic Leadership and Vision

In 2012, The Scandinavian Golf Club was a newly launched entity with great potential but significant challenges ahead. The club needed to establish itself in a competitive market, attract members, and build a reputation as a premier golfing destination. Lars Nordenlund, with his experience in strategic leadership, was appointed Chairman of the Board to lead this ambitious journey. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey for The Scandinavian Golf Club. Understanding that building a successful club required a clear vision, strategic planning, and a relentless focus on member satisfaction and operational excellence. After a decade-long leadership the club has grown from launch into a thriving and highly respected institution in the top 20 of European golf clubs. Not only achieved financial stability but also built a robust membership base and earned a prestigious place in the golfing community.


#6 Cutting Edge AI Innovation 

At Cognize Inc and Entem AI, Nordenlund founded and led cutting-edge AI innovation ventures. At Cognize, the ideation defined the product vision and development strategy for an AI-driven situational awareness platform, integrating data from various sources to enhance decision-making.

At Entem AI,  the vision, roadmap, and technical development of an AI-powered emotion recognition system for the sports market, analyzing facial expressions and body language to improve fan engagement and athlete performance. The interim leadership in these ventures demonstrates the ability to innovate and drive successful AI product development and market introductions.

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