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Survival of The Strategic Fittest -Riding The Wave of Disruptive AI

Updated: Jun 19

Now is the time to make a move to create and deliver on the strategic ability to ride the wave of radical market shifts like AI and cognitive behaviors to reimagine your business and become the next leader in your category.

Generative AI_hero by DALL·E

Summary of "Introduction to the published business series "Survival of The Strategic Fittest Riding The Wave of Disruptive AI" Read the Full Version Here

The world is hit by the disruptive wave of Generative AI with the potential to crush or build new successful industries in a context never seen before. Just within months we have seen how AI generators like ChatGPT, have clearly demonstrated the potential to revolutionize businesses and the workforce across almost all industries.

In my time I have done more than 100 strategic transformations as an executive leader, entrepreneur or advisor for companies highly impacted by radical disruption. I have learned that whether you’re a startup or a traditional enterprise, the road to value creation in this competitive game is the same: you need to be crafting a Strategic Architecture for Success that takes advantage of the AI Market Shift and building a new Path to Sustainable Growth!

Ride the wave of evolution. Time of economic uncertainty and radical shifts could be your chance to be the next leader of the pack as the “Survival Of The Fittest '' — which is a well known phrase that originated from the Darwinian evolutionary theory as a way of describing the mechanism of natural selection. Use the time of Radical Disruptive Shifts as an opportunity to change the game in your industry.

The concept of Strategic Fit expresses the degree to which an organization is matching its resources and capabilities with the opportunities in the external environment. It is like the big wave surfers analyzing the weather patterns, getting in position for the big wave and riding it with skill and control.

So, what does all of this mean for the strategy of a business or a brand? It means the company or brand best “fitted,” or best “adapted” to its markets and customers will outperform competition.

Here is a well proven strategic framework and approach for this:

Fig 1. Survival of The Fittest, Strategic Framework ®Nordenlund

Successful value creating companies reinvent and adapt to market change with agile, innovative and market-driven re-iterations, slight twists, turns and adaptation — then you have a strategic fit architected with a business model for the next evolution.

It’s time to envision what the future looks like and reimagine your business with a winning strategy. I would love to hear your story and start a conversation about how you bring your business to the next level.

Ask yourself whether you have a strategic fit strategy that has the potential to scale and make a difference through the radical AI market shifts. Ask yourself if you have a strong enough business model that can execute on that mission and vision and make you stay relevant when the hurricane of shifts hit your business. Ask if you are prepared and willing to adapt and change, eventually reinventing yourself and pivoting when you have to, because you probably will need to.

Let's start with a 30 min. conversation.

Read more and follow me in my full Medium Publishing series "Survival of The Strategic Fittest" HERE

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